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Certification of cargo ships, lighters and passenger ships 

Where do I find the relevant form in Altinn

This is not an Altinn form. The application form can be obtained from the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

About the form

The individual certificates' periods of validity are as follows:
Permission for restricted carriage of passengers: 1 year
Passenger certificate (domestic shipping): 5 years
Safety certificate for passenger ships (EF): 1 year
Safety certificate for passenger ships (international shipping): 1 year
Safety certificate for radiotelephony: 3 years for passenger ships - trade area 3, alternatively 5 years
International load line certificate: 5 years
Safety certificate for cargo ship construction: 5 years
Operating permit for high-speed vessels: 5 years
Safety management certificate: 5 years
International certificate for the prevention of oil pollution: 5 years
International certificate for the prevention of sewage pollution: 5 years
Certificate of approval: 5 years
Temporary safety management certificate: 6 months
Temporary certificate of approval: 1 year
Safety certificate for equipment on board cargo ships: 5 years
Trading certificate: 5 years
Declaration of first-time inspection: Unlimited. The shipping company/ ship master is responsible for ensuring that the ship is in seaworthy condition.
Safety certificate for high-speed vessels: 5 years
Tonnage certificate: until the vessel is modified.
Standby vessel certificate: 5 years
ISPS - International Ship Security Certificate: 5 years
Gas and chemicals certificate: 5 years


As shipping is in principle a free industry, licences or permits are not granted in the strict sense. Many specific requirements apply to the crew, vessel and the operations themselves, however. Approval that the requirements have been met mainly takes the form of certification on the basis of inspections.


The issuing of international certificates for cargo ships with a gross tonnage of 500 tonnes or more, and for passenger ships (with the exception of high-speed passenger vessels) that are registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) and can carry more than 12 passengers in international traffic, has been delegated to five recognised classification societies.


Applications must be sent to the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

Legal authority

Norwegian Act No 9 of 16 February 2007 relating to Ship Safety and Security (Ship Safety and Security Act)

Norwegian Regulations No 931 of 1 June 2004 relating to Pollution Control (Pollution Regulations)

Norwegian Regulations No 853 of 16 October 1991 concerning Standby Vessels

Norwegian Regulations No 1893 of 22 December 2014  on supervision and certificates for Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units

Norwegian Regulations No 1072 of 1 July 2014 concerning the Construction of Ships

Norwegian Regulations No 1218 of 9 September 2005 concerning the Construction and Operation of Passenger Vessels using LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) as fuel

Norwegian Regulations No 6 of 5 January 1998 concerning the Construction, Equipment and Operation of High-Speed Vessels used as Passenger Vessels or Cargo Vessels

Norwegian Regulations No 488 of 30 May 2012 concerning Environmental Safety for Ships and Mobile Offshore Units

Norwegian Regulations No 305 of 28 March 2000 concerning Inspections, Construction and Equipment of Passenger Ships engaged on Domestic Voyages

Norwegian Regulations No 955 of 1 July 2014 concerning Radio Communication Equipment for Norwegian Ships and Mobile Offshore Units

Norwegian Regulations No 972 of 22 June 2004 concerning Security, Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Piracy Measures and the Use of Force on board Ships and Mobile Offshore Drilling units (Security Regulations)

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