Deposits in foreign banks (RF-1231)

Where do I find the relevant form in Altinn

Name og form is an attachment form that you can find under the Attachments tab for one of the following main forms: '

RF-1030 Tax return for self-employed persons etc.
Tax return for wage earners and pensioners

About the form

Help and guidelines
You can find help texts for the form by clicking the question marks next to the fields in the form.
You will find guidelines to the paper version of the form on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website.


For use in determining income and capital as the basis for the correct stipulation of tax and, if applicable, National Insurance contributions.


You will have access to this form if you have access to the main form to which this form is an attachment.


Annual reporting

The deadline for submitting RF-1231 is the same as for your tax return or partnership statement.

Reporting through computer systems

This form may also be sent to Altinn from computer system.

For more information, see submission from computer systems.

Form/service owner

Professional user support

Tax Norway answers questions on how to fill in the form

Contact information


Altinn support answers questions on how to use Altinn.