How can I represent others in Altinn?

If you are able to represent other persons or entities in Altinn, you will find a drop-down list where you can choose which actor to represent.

You will only be able to represent other persons or entities if you are registered with a role such as general manager and board member, or if someone has assigned roles in Altinn for you or an organization number in which you are the general manager/chair of the board.

The first time you represent a new entity or a person you have to select View more in your drop-down list.

The search field will only appear for persons who can have ten or more actors in theire drop-down list. If you have less than ten actors, you can choose View more and search in the next page.

You can change which actor you represent in the menus My message box and Profile, roles and rights. The photo below shows the drop-down list for change of actor in My message box:

Choose actor in My message box

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