Safety levels


ID-porten is Difi´s (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) joint log-in solution for access to public agencies. When you choose this alternative, you can log-in at Altinn via MinID, Buypass or Commfides.

This log-in method gives you access at security level 3 or 4.


PIN-codes - ordered via Altinn

Place your order on the log-in page in Altinn to receive 30 PIN-codes by post. The Altinn codes will be sent on the following business day by post to the address registered to you in the Population Register.

This log-in method gives you access at security level 2.


Password and PIN-code by SMS

A password of your own choice can be registered in your profile when you log in to Altinn. In order to receive PIN-codes by SMS, you must also register your mobile phone number. You can change your password and mobile phone number under My profile. 

This log-in method gives you access at security level 2.


Password only

Use of a log-in password only will provide you with limited access at security level 0 or 1. If you try to open a form or service that requires a higher security level, you will be redirected to the log-in page, and prompted to use a log-in option that enables you to access the security level required for the relevant form or service.

At security level 1 you have access to a very limited number of forms. In time, more services will be made available at the lower security levels.

Enterprise certificate

An enterprise certificate is an electronic certificate linked to the enterprise. The certificate is used to enable secure communication to and from the enterprise.


If you have an enterprise certificate for use in Altinn, you can create enterprise users. Enterprise users must be delegated roles before they can represent the enterprise. Enterprise users do not have access to using some of the older forms and services in Altinn.


Altinn enables use of enterprise certificates from Buypass and Commfides.


This log-in method results in security level 4 

Security level 4 – log in using a Buypass smartcard

If you use a Buypass smartcardto log in, you gain access to the highest security level in Altinn. This security level is required, among other things, to sign a certificate of debt to the State Educational Loan Fund and to submit an official receiver’s report.


Security level 3 - log in via MinID or enterprise certificate

If you choose to log in via MinID, you gain access at the second-highest security level in Altinn. Among other things, this level is required in order to read Settlement Reports (K27 and K37) from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV) in Altinn. Enterprise certificates also enables log in with security level 3.


Security level 2 - log in using PIN-codes from Altinn

PIN-codes from a letter ordered via Altinn or received by SMS enables you to log in at security level 2. At this level you have access to most of the forms in Altinn. You also have access to edit your profile under My profile.


Security level 1 - log in with a password

If you choose to log in using a password only, you will have access to a limited number of forms in Altinn, including some of the forms from Statistics Norway and the Tax Administration. You will not have access to change your mobile phone number in My Profile at this security level.


Security level 0 - log in without a personal ID-number

If you do not have a personal ID-number (SSN or D-number), you can only log in using the user name and password that you yourself has registered. Only a few forms and services are available on security level 0. 

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