ID-porten is Difi´s (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) joint log-in solution for access to public agencies.


Note: Only persons with a Norwegian Social Security Number or D-number will be able to use ID-porten for logging in. There is an option for accessing services without a SSN- or D-number.


ID-porten supports the log-in methods MinID, Buypass and personal e-ID from Commfides. There are different security levels to these methods. Log-in with e-ID from Commfides does not give access to sign at security level 4.


Code letter from MinID contains 20 PIN-codes and can only be used here.

When you order a new code letter, the codes from the first letter are not valid anymore.


Choose Logg inn > ID-porten/MinID. Click Continue. This will redirect you to Difi´s log-in solution ID-porten.


Click here for more information about ID-porten/MinID from Difi


Innlogging med ID-porten

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