Password and PIN-code via SMS

In order to use this log-in method, you must have logged in previously and registered a password and mobile phone number.  


Choose Log on >Password and PIN-code via SMS. Enter your personal ID-number or user name together with a password of your choice. Click Continue and you will receive an SMS with a single use-code. Enter the single use-code and click Log in


Logg inn med passord og engangskode på sms


If you have forgotten your password, you must use another log-in option. Once you have logged in, you can change your password under My profile


Note that, with this option, you cannot use a password registered in MinID. You can only use that password to Log in via MinID.


If you fail to receive a PIN-code by SMS on the mobile phone number you registered in Altinn, you can try to restart your phone and then repeat the log-in procedure. If this does not work, you may contact Altinn User Service.

Password for access without use of a personal ID or D-number

This log-in option is designed for use by persons who do not have a Norwegian personal ID-number (SSN) or a D-number and provides access at security level 0.


Before you can log in for the first time, you must register some essential information (user name, password and e-mail address).

Note that only a few forms are available while logged in with security level 0.


To log in using a password only

If you have previously logged in using your personal ID-number or an associated user name or registered password, you can log in via Password. This log-in option gives you access at security level 1


This log-in option limits your access rights. If you try to use a form/service that requires a higher security level, you will be prompted to log in using a more secure log-in method. 



Logg inn med kun passord

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