Do you have to ask permission?

In principle, we have full freedom of establishment in Norway. You can attempt to sell whatever goods or services you like; it is up to the market to decide whether anyone is interested in what you have to offer.   
However, many rules exist to uncover  production and marketing of products/services that may be directly harmful, or that society wishes to regulate for other reasons. It is important to look into applicable rules and regulations in advance.   
You should pay particular attention to the requirements that apply to serving food and selling alcoholic beverages. Regardless of their line of business, many entrepreneurs will be required to apply to the municipal authorities in connection with building, change of use or alterations to premises.   
A good place to start is to discuss the matter with an advisory service or with one of your own contacts who knows about such things.   
Under the following links you will find an overview of applicable national requirements (permits/licences) for various industries:   
Agriculture, forestry, hunting and game keeping   
Fishing, hunting at sea and aquaculture   
Mining and recovery of crude oil and natural gas   
Industry, manufacturing, repair and installation of machinery and equipment   
Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply, waste collection, recovery    
Building and construction activities   
Wholesale and retail trades, repair of motor vehicles etc.   
Transport and storage   
Accommodation and catering activities   
Information and communication   
Financing and insurance business, property management   
Professional, scientific, technical and business services    
Health and social services, teaching   
Cultural activities, entertainment and leisure activities   
Other service provision   
All  industries   

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