Duty to notify the employer/employee register when taking on employees

All employment relationships that are intended to last more than seven days and entail an average of at least four hours' work per week must be registered in the NAV’s AA Register (the employer/employee register). The deadline for submitting notification is Friday of the week following the week in which the employment relationship began/ended or the change was made. Submit notification of change if changes are made regarding an employee’s working hours, job title (occupation code) and workplace (department). The employment relationship must be reported to termination if the employee:

  • quits
  • has paid or unpaid leave for more than 14 days
  • is laid off for more than 14 days
  • reduces working hours to less than four hours a week for a period of 14 days or more.

Remember to submit a new enrolment if the employee comes back to work or working hours is increased to over four hours per week.

You may submit the notification by using the AA-notification on Altinn. You may also submit files from a payroll system if the system has been approved by the NAV’s AA Register. Further information about approved payroll systems and the benefits of using electronic reporting on the NAV’s website. If you wish to send the notification by ordinary mail, you use the form ‘Registering employment in the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (NAV 25-01.11). Maritime employment relationships cannot be notified electronically.

You shall not give notice of freelancers, self-employed persons or contractors who perform services for you.

If you ticked "yes" to the question of staff in the Coordinated Register Notification form, a company number will be created. This is like an organisation number where the employees are registered, and which is linked to the legal organisation number of the enterprise. An enterprise with employees has at least one company number and shall have several company numbers if there are several departments on different addresses or in different industries.

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