Duty to report occupational injury and illness

Employers have a duty to report occupational injury and illness to NAV as soon as possible, and no later than three days. If the employer fails to report the injury, an employee can report it him/herself.   
Employers shall:

  • Notify NAV as soon as possible of any occupational injury or illness that results in medical treatment or occupational disability.
  • Always submit injury reports if requested by NAV or desired by the employee.
  • Immediately notify the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in the event of serious injury or death. The Labour Inspection Authority has defined a number of criteria for the term "serious injury".

Employees shall:

  • Notify NAV of occupational injury or illness if their employer fails to do so.
  • Submit an injury report to their employer's insurance company as soon as possible.

Doctors shall:

  • Notify the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in writing if they suspect that a patient's problems are connected to his/her work situation.

Such notification is necessary in order to safeguard the rights of the employee. It is also an important help in the assessment of safety issues and protective measures and a basis for official injury and accident statistics.

The right to occupational injury coverage may be lost if the occupational injury or occupational illness is not reported within one year of the injury or the date on which the party subject to the reporting duty became aware of the cause of the illness.

You should also submit the report if you are in doubt as to whether the case actually comes under the scope of the occupational injury provisions. The final decision lies with the authorities. If an employee believes that he/she has suffered an occupational injury, the employer has a duty to report this regardless of the employer's own opinion. The employer may be liable for a fine if he fails to submit such a report.   
NAV can provide further information about provisions for occupational injuries under the National Insurance Scheme.

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