Occupational injury insurance

All employers are obliged to take out occupational injury insurance for their employees. Such insurance is taken out with private insurance companies and must provide coverage for work-related injuries, regardless of whether the injury is anybody's fault.   
the insurance must cover:

  • injury and illness caused by accidents at work (occupational injury) 
  • illness covered by the same benefits as occupational injury pursuant to the National Insurance Act
  • other injury and illness caused by exposure to harmful substances or work processes. 

The insurance does not cover repetitive strain injuries.   
In considering whether an injury or illness is covered, any special susceptibility to the injury or illness on the part of the employee shall be disregarded. Exceptions apply if the special susceptibility must be deemed to be the predominant cause.   
Further information is available from the insurance companies.   
The National Insurance scheme's special rules concerning occupational injury:   

Employees are automatically covered by the provisions in the National Insurance Act relating to occupational injury when performing work for the employer at the place of employment.

Self-employed persons and freelancers must take out voluntary insurance in order to have occupational injury coverage and the pertaining rights to special benefits in connection with occupational injury.

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