How to register a sole proprietorship

In order to register a sole proprietorship, you must fill in the form Coordinated register notification. The easiest way to submit the form is via Altinn.
The following information must be provided upon registration:

  • Name of the enterprise
  • Owner
  • Type of business activity to be carried out
  • Municipality and address of business premises
  • General manager if the enterprise has one

Names of sole proprietorships shall contain the owner's surname.
All sole proprietorships can register free of charge with the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, and the enterprise will be assigned an organisation number. Sole proprietorships also have a right to register in the Register of Business Enterprises.

Registration in the Register of Business Enterprises is subject to a fee.

If the sole proprietorship has at least five employees or is to engage in the resale of purchased goods, it has a duty to register in the Register of Business Enterprises.

When the Coordinated register notification has been filled in, the form is sent for signing.

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