About mandatory registration in the Register of Business Enterprises

A registration in the Register of Business Enterprises can be done online through Altinn by submitting the form Samordnet registermelding (Coordinated Register Notification). Be aware of the required attachments and signatures, including electronic signature.

The Norwegian Business Enterprise Registration Act lists a number of forms of incorporation that have a duty to register with the Register of Business Enterprises.   
The following forms of incorporations have a duty to register with the Register of Business Enterprises:

  • Sole proprietorships that operate resale of purchased goods or have more than five employees
  • Limited companies (AS) and Public limited Companies (ASA)
  • General partnership with joint liability (ANS) and general partnerships with several (proportionate) liability (DA)
  • Cooperative societies (SA)
  • Associations and foundations engaged in business activities
  • Foreign enterprises conducting business in Norway (NUF)  
  • Enterprises that are subject to a duty to register pursuant to a specific act of law (housing cooperatives, housing associations, savings banks, commercial banks, insurance companies and students welfare organisations)
  • Jointly owned properties comprising nine or more units 
  • Limited partnerships (KS)  
  • European Companies (SE), European Cooperative Societies (SCE) and other enterprises with limited liability
  • Municipal enterprises (KF) and county administration enterprises (FKF)   
  • Inter-municipal companies (IKS)  
  • Regional health trusts (RHF) and health enterprises (HF)
  • State enterprises (SF)
  • Other entities with a statutory obligation to register. 

Sole proprietorships without an obligation to register in the Register of Business Enterprises, can register voluntarily.

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