About Altinn

Altinn is a web portal for electronic dialogue between the business/industry sector, citizens and government agencies. Altinn is also a technical platform which public sector can use to produce digital services.

Altinn is developed, ran and administered by the Altinn collaboration, which consists of several government agencies. The Brønnøysund Register Centre administers the technical solution in Altinn on behalf of this collaboration and determines further development of the solution.

Today Altinn is an established and comprehensive platform and has evolved when it comes to data volume, associated government agencies and the number of digital end user services. The Altinn-solution is continuously being further developed with improvements on the existing and new functionality. You can read more about functionality on the web page Altinnett.

Altinn also contains a lot of useful information for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses which you will find under Start and run business on altinn.no. You will also find an overview of all support schemes for the private sector.

There are 536 digital forms and services as of 25 January 2016.

The use of Altinn

More than 4 million citizens have a message box and an “archive” in Altinn through their national identity number. And more than 1 million entities are registered as users through an organization number. From Altinn first started in 2003 and up to August 2015 about 112 million set of forms have been sent in through Altinn and about 83 million documents and decisions from government agencies have been sent out to the users.  This has led to the fact that both private and public sector have saved billions.

The use of the services in Altinn is constantly increasing.  2014 had an increase of 23 per cent and with the introduction of the A-ordningen, a further increase is expected. The number of messages sent from government agencies and local government to the users’ message box in Altinn had an increase of 30 per cent in 2014, while messages from local government increased with 146 per cent.

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Published 17.09.2007