Information for suppliers of professional systems

Altinn wishes to come into contact with as many suppliers as possible of accounting, payroll and personal systems, as well as suppliers of programs for annual financial reporting. Most of the forms that will be incorporated into the solution will collect data from systems of this kind. Other types of systems may also be included.

Integration procedure

The information below gives a step-by-step description of how system suppliers who wish their programs to be integrated with Altinn should proceed.

NOTE: Important information in connection with the transition to a new Altinn solution

14. June, a new Altinn solution was released into production. From this point, new Altinn solution and existing Altinn solution exist in coexistence. Professional systems must in a transition period deal with both Altinn solutions. More information about the transition are published on the Professional Systems Portal,.

1. Gaining access to Altinn’s Professional Systems Portal

Important information is published on Altinn’s Professional Systems Portal from Altinn’s central administration, from collaborating agencies and from the supplier of the solution. To access the Professional Systems Portal, send an e-mail request marked “Professional Systems Portal” to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no. State why you need access.

2. Download and read the implementation guide for suppliers of professional systems

You will find a link to the implementation guide in the right margin and in the Professional Systems Portal. For integration with existing Altinn solution use the implementation guide for existing solution. For integration with new Altinn solution use Implementation Guide for integration with new Altinn solution and implementation guide for Professional systems to the new Altinn solution.

3. Use Altinn’s test environment

Users and companies without an IP-address from Norway that want to use the test environment must send an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no with the title "Need access to test environment from outside of Norway". The e-mail must include the IP-address (or IP-range if there are several machines) of the machine(s) that will be communicating with the test environment

To test the Altinn solution you can use the test environment TT2. The portal can be accessed at https://tt02.altinn.basefarm.net

Problems commonly encountered by suppliers are described in the FAQ section of the Professional Systems Portal. It is particularly important to read what has been written about dealing with certificates in the test environment. You will find the FAQs here.

4. Users in the test environment

There are fictitious users in the test environment, Altinn1. In order to use the test environment you must order fictitious test users and PIN codes by sending an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no.

• To log on to the test environment, you need PIN codes for first-time logging on (after that you can enter a password and mobile phone number so that you can receive one-off codes by SMS). Order PIN codes

• Once you have ordered PIN codes, send an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no and request them to send you the codes (state the personal identity numbers and names of those for whom you have ordered PIN codes). In the production environment, these letters are sent by mail; in the test environment, the supplier has to retrieve the data manually.

• If you are going to test forms that are reported on behalf of an organisation (not a private individual), you can create a link between the personal identity number and the organisation’s organisation number directly in the test database. To request such a link, send an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no.

• If there are explicit roles are required to be eligible to submit a form (decided by the agency that develops the form) that you do not have as a test user, you must request that these roles be assigned to you. You can request an update of test users by sending an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no.

• If other persons in the organisation are going to test the solution, you can delegate rights to the test person in question in Altinn. PIN codes for such users are ordered as described above.

5. Register a professional system in Altinn

If you have created a new professional system, it will not be included in the dropdown list of professional systems available in the Altinn portal. Send an e-mail with the name of the system to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no and request that the system be added (until the list is updated, you can select another system type – it is the ID you receive back from the system that is important and not the type of professional system selected). This is done first in the test environments. When the system supplier launches the system for its customers, the system type will also be made available in the production environment (see 9 below).

6. Correct configuration and registration

When a person or an organisation is going to use a professional system to report data, it is important that the user is correctly configured in the portal and that the system that is to be used is registered for each organisation that is going to use it. The procedure for this is explained in more detail in the guide below.

To put it simply, when a user registers a professional system for an organisation, Altinn will assign it a professional system ID that must be used for reporting data. This system ID is a serial number and it should be used to report data for the selected organisation.

7. Signed submissions from the system

In the test environment, you can send an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no and say that it must be possible for system type xx to submit signed batches to the system. If it is to be possible for a system of this type to submit signed data in the production environment, the system supplier must complete a form that is available in the Professional Systems Portal. It must be signed then submitted to Altinn’s central administration (the address is available in the implementation guide). Once this process has been completed, the system will be activated for signed submissions in the production environment.

8. NOTE! Test of systems and forms

Thoroughly test the system and the forms you have implemented in TT2.

9. Ready for production

Once the system is ready for production, send an e-mail to sluttbrukersystem@altinn.no and request that the system be added to the list of available systems.  If signed submissions are not to be submitted, then everything is ready for the submission of production. If, on the other hand, signed submissions are to be submitted from the system, a self-declaration form must be sent to Altinn' central administration. Go to the self-declaration form (in the Professional Systems Portal, access rights required).

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Published 09.09.2008

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Please make sure that the necessary organisation numbers are included in the enquiry.