Protection of Privacy

When you use services in Altinn, the information you state will only be sent to the government agency(ies) which are in need of the information to process their case.

Data controller
All government agencies which are part of the Altinn collaboration, are separately considered to be data controllers for their services in Altinn. If you have questions regarding protection of privacy for a specific service, you can contact the government agency which owns the service.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre is the data controller of personal data in my message box in Altinn. If you have questions to protection of privacy in general for the Altinn portal, you can contact Altinn Central Management (ASF).

The purpose of the case processing in Altinn is to accommodate for a simplified and efficient collaboration between the end users and the agencies. Each agency that receives information filed via Altinn, will process the information pursuant to legal authority.

Basis for collecting data
Digital communication is the main principle when government agencies communicate with others.

Contact information
Your contact information under Profile, roles and rights in Altinn, is collected from the Contact and reservation register. This information is used by government agencies to send messages and notices to you from Altinn.

If you act on behalf of others in Altinn, you can enter your contact information under Profile, roles and rights. Then you will receive a notice of which rights you have for this entity/person.

User database
Altinn has a user database containing names, national identity number and address. The information is collected from The National Population Register. The information is only used in order to send you pin-codes on paper and to fill in your address information in relevant forms. The user database also collects information from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities in order to complete the assignment of rights connected to your roles (general manager, auditor etc) in the enterprise.  See profile, roles and rights in Altinn, to view your personal information, which has been extracted from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities.

Filling-in information
Some forms require that you fill in personal information. This will not be used by the agency before you have submitted the form/service. The agency will use this information in its standard case processing. This is identical to the procedure used for submitted paper forms.

Pre-filled data
Some forms will be pre-filled with your data. Potential information is collected from the individual agency's databases. The names and addresses are derived from the National Population Register of Norway and from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities.

My message box
In my message box you will find all the forms and services which are for processing by you. You will also find the forms that you have submitted and received through Altinn.

The file Archived can provide long- term storage for all submissions in My message box. They are available to you and others that are entitled access to the forms. The archive functions as a legal log, which you can use for documentation in case of a legal dispute. For this reason, the information is kept for 10 years.

Access and editing
You are entitled to access the case documents regarding your personal information.  This is in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The content of the form which you fill in will be accessible via My message box. Requests regarding access to the processing can be directed to the individual agency.

The information available in Altinn is derived from information in public registers. Therefore the access to edit information in the portal will be limited.  Names and addresses are derived from the National Population Register of Norway. If your information is incorrect, you will need to notify the National Population Register of Norway. If you cannot get access to information regarding an enterprise, the reason might be that the information in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities is not updated. You must then ensure that a notification of change is submitted to the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities.

You can delete all the forms and services which include personal data on behalf of yourself in your message box in Altinn.

Third party access
The information contained in the forms can be handed over to a third party pursuant to legal authority.

Web statistics
On the information pages before login, Altinn uses the web analytics tool Google Analytics to gather and assess information on how our users use our web site. Google Analytics uses cookies. It is the Brønnøysund Register Centre, as the administrator of the Altinn-solution, that decides which type of information Google is allowed to obtain from the web page. Google only receives general web statistics like browser, time, language, referring web page etc.

In accordance with normal practice, the IP address of the user is registered by Altinn. The Brønnøysund Register Centre has opted to use a script that removes the last few digits of the address before Google Analytics is allowed to store the information. Thus the analytics tool is able to identify where the user is geographically, without being able to identify the individual user. The information received is subject to the Google privacy policy.

Use of Cookies
Altinn uses cookies to enhance the user experience, and for statistical purposes. A more detailed description is available here.

* with the exception of client addresses, concealed addresses and addresses considered to be confidential.

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Published 25.02.2016


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