Altinn for the public sector

In the below chapters you can read more about how your agency or municipality can contact Altinn's Central Administration. You can also read about how you can get started with developing forms and services in Altinn.

Public agencies and municipalities can regard Altinn as a toolbox when it comes to developing several dialogue services between the public sector and business and industry/private persons. In addition to being the business and industry's portal for public services, Altinn also functions as a service provider for private persons. These services can be reached from “Min side” (My page), the Norwegian Tax Administration, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, etc.

From simplifying forms to world- class eGovernment

Altinn started in 2003, as a collaboration on reporting between three government agencies.  Five years later, the Altinn collaboration spans 23 agencies and municipalities, 400 000 enterprises have switched from paper to electronic submission of public forms through Altinn, and  Altinn is continually expanding to comprise new user-friendly services.

Single point of contact for business and industry

More than a centre for filling in forms, Altinn aims to be the natural meeting place for all contact between the users and the public administration. This is completely in line with the Norwegian government's action plans and the European Union's expectation that business and industry should have a single point of contact with public bodies.

Getting started with Altinn

For all government agencies, collaboration with Altinn starts with an information meeting. Strategic and practical consequences are reviewed together with the division of labour, resource requirements and any other issues that they might want to discuss. The next step is that Altinn holds a workshop for all relevant personnel, in which we review a service work process.

Available 24/7, secure and efficient

Altinn can boast of an uptime corresponding to that of the most critical IT systems used in public administration. A robust operating environment ensures stability and good performance for the users, even for very large delivery volumes. The solution guarantees the users an uptime of 99.8%, round the clock, seven days a week.

Professional answering service on behalf of all Altinn agencies

As Altinn's first line organisation, the Altinn user service answers all questions about how to log in, how to find the right service, understanding joint functionality and provide technical guidance for form completion, submission, signing and much more.

Extracting public benefits from collaboration tools

The individual service owner in the Altinn collaboration is responsible for the realisation of his own gains from eGovernment activities, to the extent that development costs and gains can be linked to one and the same service owner.

Altinn kan gi store gevinster

Ny rapport viser at offentlige investeringer i elektroniske tjenester kan gi betydelig avkastning både i offentlig og privat sektor.

System- og brukerdokumentasjon Altinn

Dokumentasjon av løsningen er tilgjengelig via Altinnett .