Altinn for public sector and suppliers of computer systems

Altinn can offer a complete infrastructure where the forms and services from the government agencies to the citizens and the business and industry sector are developed, administrated and operated.

The Department for Altinn and SERES has established Altinnett, a web page for service owners and providers in Altinn. Here you will find information about planning, development and administration of services in Altinn and other necessary information for the collaboration.

Go to Altinnett to read more about how your government agency can start development of services on the Altinn-platform. 

Altinn for providers of computer systems

Altinn supports open interface and wants to get in contact with as many providers of accounting, payroll, and HR systems and systems for annual accounts as possible. Altinn uses the terms computer system and end user system for these types of systems. A lot of the forms which are imported to the solution, have collected their data from these types of systems.

As a provider of an end user system you can find descriptions on Altinnett of how you can implement integration towards Altinn.