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All reporting groups are required to report as soon as possible, and within 72 hours of the time of the occurrence. The form is stored automatically every time you change pages. Fields that are not applicable to the occurrence should be left blank.

If you find any errors or encounter any problems with the electronic form, please let us know by sending an e-mail to NF-2007@caa.no

Known errors in the form:
   - Error in the cross check for hours experience between polit/copilot.
   - Error message when entering a registration.
   - Some fields require a format that does not suit all situations.

Solution: Fill in a value that the form accept.. And inform about the correct values in your narrative description.

All reporting groups defined in the reporting regulation must fill in this form. The regulation defines different reporting groups (flight crew members, maintenance personnel etc.)

What should be reported?

The implementing regulation is a complete list of what is mandatory to report, distributed between the reporting groups.


Anyone can open, fill in and submit this form. You don't need to be a Norwegian citizen or have any specific role in Altinn.

The objective of occurrence reporting is improvement of aviation safety through the gathering and sharing of information. 
Your report will not be used to apportion blame or liability, and use of the entered information for any other purpose than for flight safety is prohibited by the Norwegian civil aviation act, chapter XII.

Lovhjemmel for oppgaveplikten

To process your report we need some information about you.
The purpose of your personal data is to be able to contact you in case we need more information about the contents of the report.
The personal data are processed according to GDPR. The lawfulness of processing is article 6 (1) litra e, see EU regulation 376/2014 – reporting regulation.
The personal data will be stored in the report as long as it is in the database, and will be used if we on a later stage need to contact you. Your personal data cannot be deleted from the database. Reports about aviation occurrences are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone who request access. If the processing is unlawful in your opinion, you may complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.
The Civil Aviation Authority – Norway is controller, and our data protection officer may be contacted at personvernombud@caa.no.

The form NF-2007 consists of 16 pages, and it is customised to the different reporting groups. Reporting group and type of report defines which pages are relevant to use.

The receiver of the form is the Civil Aviation Authority - Norway (CAA-N). Reports about serious incidents and accidents are also sent automatically to the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN).

Trenger du hjelp?

Faglige spørsmål om innholdet i skjemaet rettes til Luftfartstilsynet:

E-post: NF-2007@caa.no
Tlf: 75 58 50 00

Spørsmål om fagsystemintegrasjon rettes til Luftfartstilsynet v/Lars R. Holm:

E-post: lrh@caa.no
Tlf: 97 69 07 99

Dersom du har behov for umiddelbar kontakt med Luftfartstilsynet i forbindelse med en ulykke, kan du ringe Luftfartstilsynets beredskapstelefon 926 42 632. Telefonen er bemannet 24 timer i døgnet - året rundt.

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