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Licence applications must be sent to the country authority where the applicant has its registered address.

All persons/enterprises that plan to apply for a limousine service operator licence.

The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

A certificate for a passed examination approved by the Ministry.

A transcript of police records no older than three months. It must be documented every five years that the requirement for good conduct is met.

A guarantee declaration from a bank or insurance company, certificate from the municipal treasurer, certificate from the tax office and a transcript from the Register of Bankruptcies.

The certificates must not be older than three months.

It is a requirement that the motor vehicle concerned is an exclusive vehicle. Limousine service operator licences are quantity-regulated.


It is required that the applicant:

• operates a fixed and permanent activity in Norway,
• is of good character,
• has sufficient professional competence. The requirement regarding professional competence is regarded as being met if the applicant can either produce certificates of passed examinations from an examination scheme that has been approved by the Ministry, holds a licence for the type of licence applied for, or has managed a transport enterprise for a consecutive period of 10 years before 4 December 2009. The requirement for professional competence can also be met by a licensing course for taxi drivers.
• has sufficient financing. When applying for one licence, the applicant must provide a guarantee declaration from a bank or insurance company for a kroner value equating to €9,000. For each additional licence, a kroner value equating to €5,000 for each licence must be provided. 


If the applicant is a company or other legal person, the responsible manager shall at all times meet the requirements of good character and professional qualifications. The requirement for financing must be met by the company. If the applicant is a newly formed company, the responsible manager shall also meet the requirements for financing. 


A fee of NOK 3,400 is payable for an application for a joint licence. NOK 1,000 is payable for each certified copy. The fee shall be paid before the licence is issued. 


All persons/enterprises that plan to operate transport services in return for payment must have a licence.
By 'operate' here is meant all transport except purely sporadic transport.

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