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In the event of errors when sending your submissions, contact “Helsedirektoratet” at autorisasjon@helsedir.no or by telephoning 21 52 97 00

Persons wishing to work as a healthcare professional in one of the 29 occupational groups that have a "protected title.":


General practitioner, doctor, nurse, health worker, ambulance worker, pharmacy technician, radiographer, bioengineer, occupational therapist, pharmacist, chiropodist, physiotherapist, medical secretary, assistant nurse, midwife, chiropractor, dietitian, carer, optician, prosthetist, ortopist, perfusionist, psychologist, radiography, dental assistant , dentist, dental technician, dental hygienist, subnormal.

There are no specific role requirements associated with this service.

The service requires securitylevel 0.

What attachments you must send in depend upon which approval you are applying for, what country you have your education/training from, your citizenship, and what information you provide in your application.

For more information, see www.helsedirektoratet.no/autorisasjon.

For most applications, you must upload evidence of your education/training; e.g., a certificate/diploma, transcript/diploma supplement program description/course curriculum.

If you have relevant work experience, this must be documented with an employment attestation or certification. If you have an authorisation/licence in another country, this must be documented by providing a copy of the authorisation/licence.

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E-post: autorisasjon@helsedir.no
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