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The application form should be submitted when the Specialist Education is completed and passed.

Incorrect submission:

Contact the Directorate of Health by Email: spesialistgodkjenning@helsedir.no

or telephone: 21 52 97 00


The service requires Security level 0.

The attachments you need to include depends on what speciality and type of approval you are applying for.For most of the applicants, you will need to attach documentation of work experience and relevant courses. Work experience should be documented with testimonials and course certificates for the relevant courses. If the applicant has approval in other countries, this should be documented in the application.

Private individuals may apply for Specialist Approval after a completed and passed Specialist Education.
We recommend that everyone who considering applying for Specialist Approval, obtain more information about the application process at www.helsedirektoratet.no.


Faglig brukerstøtte svarer på spørsmål knyttet til utfylling av skjema.

Telefon: 21 52 97 00
E-post: spesialistgodkjenning@helsedir.no

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