S1 Certificate documents your right to necessary health care services within the public health care system at the same level as the citizens of your country of residence. It is quicker to send this form in electronically.

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Frist: none
If you need to resend the form, to provide additional /corrected information, you might send in a new form. You can contact Helsenorge Veiledning by calling: +47 23 32 70 00.

If you or your employee is working temporarily in Norway but is living in another EEA country or Switzerland, or you are a posted worker in another EEA country or Switzerland, you can apply for a S1 Certificate. For more information please see helsenorge.no   regarding being a posted worker abroad  or foreigner working in Norway.

Service requires safety level 3.

A Company sending the form needs to have the following Altinn role: Health-, social- and wellfare services

Dependent on your or you employees situation, required documentation might vary. By filling out the form you will see what required documentation you need to attach.

Regulation 883/2004

The form can be used by individuals or Companies that want to send the form, additional information or appeal to Helfo.

E-mail: veiledning@helsenorge.no

Guide health care phone: 23 32 70 00

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