This form is used for the following applications:

  • Authorisation as an accountant
  • Approval as a registered or state authorised auditor
  • Licence to practise as an estate agent
  • Permit to become head of technical estate agency matters and estate agent in charge (jurist)
  • Debt collection licence

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About this form

Applications with attachments must be submitted electronically via Altinn.

The application form is only to be used for personal applications for authorisation.

In order to complete and submit this form, you need to have the Altinn role 'Reporter/ sender'. You can check which roles you have for an entity on the Access management page.

See license requirements on the Finanstilsynet's website: - select subject area from the list.

Processing time

For bookkeepers and accountants, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway has a goal of processing applications for authorisation within 30 days. The processing time is nevertheless influenced by the complexity of the application, the other caseload, and the allocation of resources. Lack of documentation also delays case processing. Some applicants may therefore experience a longer processing time than 30 days.  

A decision by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway can be appealed. The appeal body is the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Auditing and Accounting Matters; see Regulation of 1 February 2012 No. 111. The appeal must be submitted to the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, which performs the investigations the appeal gives cause for, and submits the appeal to the appeals body if the rejection is sustained; see Section 33 of the Public Administration Act. The appeal must state which decision is being appealed, which change is requested and the grounds the appeal is based on. 

For other licence applications the normal case processing time is 3-4 weeks, calculated from the time the completed licence application with all relevant attachments is received by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. 
The applicant is entitled to appeal pursuant to Section 28 of the Public Administration Act. 

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