The form shall be used by reporting parties in the event of suspicion of suspicious transaction pursuant to the Money Laundering Act.

If reporting persons disclose facts indicating that funds are linked to money laundering or terrorist financing, further investigations shall be conducted. If, after investigations, circumstances provide grounds for suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing, reporting agents shall submit a reporting form to ØKOKRIM.

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About this form

If entities or persons covered by the statutory reporting duty suspect that a transaction may come from proceeds of a criminal act or offences covered by the Penal Code sections 131 through 136 a (financing of terrorism), they must make enquires to confirm or disprove their suspicions (see the Money Laundering Act section 17). If their suspicions are not disproven by the enquiries, they must use the above-mentioned form to report the transaction and the facts that caused the suspicion to ØKOKRIM (see the Money Laundering Act section 18).

Reports must be submitted as soon as possible.

See also the Money Laundering Act section 19 about carrying out suspicious transactions.

The Money Laundering Act section 4 defines who has a duty to report suspicious transactions to ØKOKRIM.

In order to fill in this form, you must be approved for Økokrim Rapportering (Økokrim reporting) privileges by Altinn.

You can see which privileges you have at Profil/roller og rettigheter. If you have not been given this privilege, you must get someone who has the necessary privileges to give it to you.

Prevent and combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.

The Money Laundering Act.

Use form MT-0002 when reporting transactions you suspect may involve money laundering.

MT-0002 will not be filed in Min meldingsboks (sent messages) when you have sent it.

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