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End users that apply for allocation of a five-digit number.

Any required enclosures are described in the application form.

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) allocates five-digit numbers individually directly to end-users upon application. End-users that apply for a five-digit number will be able at all times to choose from the available numbers. The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) will continuously publish a list of the status of all five-digit numbers stating which numbers have been allocated and which are available.

Requirements of the applicant:

The person who signs the application confirms that he/she is familiar with the provisions relating to the allocation and use of five-digit numbers in accordance with Sections 22 and 22a of the Numbering Regulations and Section 3 of the Regulations relating to Fees payable to the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).


Under the current regulations, five-digit numbers can be allocated for two main purpose categories:
1. non-commercial, socially beneficial purposes, and
2. other purposes.

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