Approved Consultant for Dam Safety

If you have acquired your professional qualifications abroad, you must obtain recognition of your qualifications from the Norwegian authorities in order to practice the profession in Norway. The competent authority will assess whether you meet the requirements to practice the profession and use the professional title in Norway. You will find information about documentation requirements, the application process and regulations here.

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Applications can only be submitted by the professional/individual. Please submit your application with attachments to The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.

  • Diplomas and transcripts of grades from higher education.
  • CV.
  • The application shall contain a reference list particular to the field in question that must specify:- what projects or structures the applicant has worked on, with specification of their type and dimension,- a detailed overview of what kind of work the applicant has carried out in relation to the practice requirements in Section 3-5, and- an overview of the applicant’s employer(s) and when the work was carried out, specified in months.


  • Upload/submit copies of educational documents in the original language. You must also submit a summary of relevant courses in the subject area in Norwegian or English.
  • Both education and practice must be approved by The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.

Language requirements:


Criteria/conditions for recognition: 

If you acquired your professional qualifications in an EEA country or Switzerland, you may have the right to have your application processed in accordance with the Professional Qualifications Act and Regulations on the approval of professional qualifications. In addition, there are national regulations related to the practice of the profession as stipulated in the Dam Safety Regulations Section 3-5 Qualification requirements for approved consultant for dam safety.    

Case processing deadlines:

The competent authority must acknowledge receipt of your application within 1 month of receipt and inform you of any missing documents.

The competent authority shall take a justified decision no later than 3 months following the submission of your complete application.


The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate does not charge a fee for processing applications for recognition.

Right of appeal:

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the decision, you may appeal in writing, pursuant to Chapter VI of the Public Administration Act. If your application is processed in accordance with the Professional Qualifications Act, the right of appeal also applies if the competent authority has exceeded the case processing deadlines (see Case processing deadlines above).

Competent authority

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
P.O. Box 5091 Majorstua
NO-0301 Oslo

Tlf: (+47) 22 95 95 95

Office address: Middelthuns gate 29, 0368 Oslo

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