The form is for anyone who wishes to appeal decisions regarding
natural persons concerning:
- the assessed basis for net wealth tax and income tax
- additional tax for wealth and income

An enforcement fine that you have been issued because you did not submit
- the a-melding
- the tax return for self-employed persons - sole proprietorships

This appeal form is only applicable for reporting using a national identity number.


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About this form

Natural persons who have been issued an enforcement fine, been issued additional tax
or received a decision regarding the basis for income tax or net wealth tax
are entitled to appeal the decision and can use this form.

This form is only valid for appeals against decisions relating to natural persons and where the appeal does not regard circumstances linked to an organisation number.

If the appeal concerns, for example, a sole proprietorship with an organisation number or other circumstances linked to an organisation number, you must the following version of the form:

Appeal a decision (report with an organisation number) 

The person completing the form must have the Altinn role Accounting employeeAssistant auditor or Accountant without signing rights.

Signing the form requires the role Limited signing rights or Accountant with signing rights. If the company is subject to auditing, the role Responsible auditor is required.

Individuals with such roles may delegate them as required.

See our help pages for information about roles and rights.

Check that the person submitting the appeal has the necessary roles in good time before the appeal deadline.

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