Business Tax Return

The Business Tax Return is a electronic form of submission for businesses with simple tax circumstances.  If the service is suitable for your business, we recommend that you use it when reporting for 2020.

Test-for-yourself: I am self-employed - Can I use Business Tax return?

Where can I find the Business Tax Return?

View and submitt the Business Tax Return for sole proprietorships from 7. April 2021.

Business Tax Return  from 22. February 2021

About this form


The deadline for submitting the Business Tax Return is the same as the tax return or the business return.  The deadline for submission is 31 May.

Help and guidance

The boxes in the Business Tax return contain supplementary help texts.  You can bring up these hel texts by cliking the question mark next to the boxes.  You can search for the item number of keywords.  Hints will appear as you proceed to help you enter the correct values.

You muse use minimum level 3 (MinID) to enter the service.


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