Gains, losses, dividends and wealth in the form of shares and other financial products (RF-1159) Appendix Attachment

Amongst other things, you must provide information on taxable gains, deductible losses, dividends and capital.

About the attachment form

The deadline for submitting form RF-1159 is the same as that for the tax return.

The form should only completed by natural persons who either own financial products or owned such products during the last calendar year. 'Financial products' includes shares, mutual funds, bonds, options and other derivatives, etc. You do not need to submit the form for financial products that are already pre-completed filled in your tax return. This applies for example to shares specified in the Norwegian Tax Administration's Shareholder's tax report RF-1088, as well as shares and mutual funds held via a share savings account.

Fill in the products you have traded by using the dropdown menu.Enter your wealth, profit/loss and/or return/interest rate. You only need to fill in one line for each product.When all the items have been completed, you will bring up an overview of all the information you have entered. If everything is OK, click on the "Check" button.The information you entered in the form will be aggregated and automatically transposed to the correct item in your tax return.

Remember the deduction for risk-free return

The deduction for risk-free return is a deduction that reduces your taxable share income so that you pay less tax. The deduction indicates the amount of dividend or gain that you can receive tax-free.

Use the Norwegian Tax Administration's risk-free return calculator at to calculate your tax-free share income.

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