The deadline for applying to postpone submission of the tax return for businesses is 31 May 2021. You can apply to extend the deadline for submitting the tax return until 20 August. The deadline has been extended due to the corona pandemic, and you can disregard the extended deadline of 30 June in the Altinn form RF-1114.  Nevertheless, we encourage businesses to report required information as soon as possible.

About this form

The deadline for applying to postpone submission of the tax return for businesses for the income year 2020 is 31 May 2021. The postponement application form for the income year 2020 is available from 4 January 2021 until and including 31 May 2021. If the application is approved, a postponement until 20 August 2021 will be granted.

The form should be used by businesses seeking a submission deadline postponement for the following tax returns: RF-1030 for businesses, RF-1028, RF-1215 or RF-1245.

The form cannot be used by taxpayers who submit tax return RF-1323 pursuant to the Petroleum Tax Act. They must contact the Petroleum Tax Office in order to apply for a postponement. Wage earners and pensioners must use RF-1115.

The limitation of 10% of the client portfolio no longer applies for business clients.

These changes do not apply to applications for an extension on behalf of clients who are wage earners and pensioners.

In order to fill in this form, you need the Altinn role Accounting employee, Assistant auditor or Accountant without signatory rights.
To sign, you must have the role Limited signing rights, Contact person for NUF, Accountant with signatory rights or Auditor in charge.

If you do not have these roles, you must ask someone who does to delegate them to you. See our help pages for information about roles and rights.

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