In order to perform the profession and use the professional title in Norway you need to meet certain minimum requirements from laws and regulations. If you have obtained your professional qualification abroad, you must apply for recognition from Norwegian authorities. You will find information about documentation requirements and the application process here.

If you do not already have a Norwegian national ID-number, you will need to register a user account for the Altinn services. Please access the registration procedure here.

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Applications can only be submitted by the professional/individual or the employer. Please submit your application with attachments to The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning.

  • CV, including personal data, education (with dates) and relevant practice (with dates) for the specific profession
  • Copy of original certificate or diploma confirming the qualification
  • Copy of the curriculum for the education
  • Copy of original certificate of employment confirming completed apprenticeship. (If relevant in the country where the education was obtained.)
  • Copy of original certificate, craft certificate, journeyman's certificate, or vocational training certificate for the qualification.
  • Copy of original certificate of employment from current or previous employers, confirming completed practice.


  • In case of reasonable doubt, the competent authority in Norway may ask the competent authority in the relevant EEA state to confirm the validity of the certificate of qualification.
  • All copies must be certified by a notary public
  • The application process does not start until the competent authority has received a complete application.
  • Any documentation that is not in Swedish or Danish must be translated into Norwegian or English.
  • The competent autority may require applicants to take an aptitude test or undertake an adaptation period.
  • Please note that the competent authority may demand further information about the applicant's education and training if required.

Language requirements:

No, but the competent authority may require proof of sufficient Norwegian language knowledge necessary for practicing the profession.

Criteria/conditions for recognition: 

The statutory requirements for being entitled to authorisation are stipulated in the Regulations for electrical enterprises and qualifications to work on electrical installations and electrical equipment.    

Case processing deadlines:

The recognition authority must respond to the applicant within one month of receiving the application for recognition.
The recognition authority must have completed its consideration of the application within three months of the application being complete.


The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning does not charge a fee for processing applications for recognition.

Right of appeal:

You have the right to appeal against the recognition authority’s decision. The decision can be appealed pursuant to the provisions of the Norwegian Administration Act Chapter VI. 
The right of appeal also applies if the recognition authority has exceeded the case processing deadline (see Case processing deadlines above).

Recognition authority

The Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection (DSB)
P.O. Box 2014
NO-3103 Tønsberg

Tlf:(+47) 33 41 25 00

Office address: Rambergveien 9, 3115 Tønsberg

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