The form is to be used when registering enterprises which carry out work linked to electrical installations and the repair of electrical equipment. It should also be used in the event of winding-up, closure, transfer, etc.

When starting this form, please use the party ( of the sub-entity party if you have one. If not, use the party ( of the main entity.

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About this form

Registration of companies that carry out work relating to electrical installations and the repair of electrical equipment, and changes to registered information (cessation, closure, transfer etc.).

There is no deadline for submitting the form, but an enterprise must be registered to be legally able to offer and carry out work relating to electrical installations and the repair of electrical equipment.

The service is used:

- When registering enterprises that perform work related to electrical installations and repair of electrical equipment

- When changing the state (termination, closure, transfer of ownership etc.).

The statement does not include enterprises that exclusively carry out assignments in connection with: a) electrical systems on facilities for the exploitation of petroleum reserves in Norwegian inland waters, Norwegian territorial waters and those parts of the continental shelf that are under Norwegian jurisdiction b) electrical systems in aircraft c) electronic telecommunication and information systems d) other electrical systems where the output is so low as to not involve any risk of injury e) electrical systems related to vehicle propulsion etc., f) the enterprise`s own electrical supply or g) required local electricity inspection.

In order to complete and submit this form on behalf of an enterprise, you need to have the 'DSB Services' role in Altinn.
You can find the roles you have for an entity on the Access administration page. If you do not have this role, you must ask a person who has the role to delegate it to you.

There is no requirement to upload documents when registering, however certain information has to be registered and must be available.

The registration is designed to provide the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning with an overview of relevant enterprises operating in the Norwegian market. Enterprises are obliged to register in order to perform work related to electrical systems.
This means
• designing systems,
• building and maintaining systems for others,
• inspect systems owned by others,
• build, operate and maintain the company's own low voltage installations and
• perform tasks on behalf of local electrical inspectorates

The registration obligation also encompasses enterprises that repair electrical equipment.

Norwegian Act no: 04 of 24.05.1929 relating to the Supervision of electrical installations and electrical equipment

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