Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Are you a citizen of an EU/EEA state looking to practice your profession in Norway? If so, it is important to check if you need recognition of your foreign professional qualifications.

There are 161 regulated professions in Norway. In order to perform the profession and/or use a specific professional title there are some minimum requirements that must be met. These are requirements from Norwegian Authorities determined by laws and regulations.

Foreign professional qualifications for regulated professions are recognized by 15 different agencies. The agencies can, in some cases, do a pre-employment check of qualifications before temporary employment in Norway commences.

Here you will find information regarding prior checks – checks of professional qualifications , and a list of professions where checks of professional qualifications is required in order to provide the service temporarily.

More information regarding regulated education and training in Norway

Information and a list of professions with possibility to apply for The European Professional Card (EPC)

A complete list of regulated professions, with the relevant authority, can be found here

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