Your reporting obligations

Everyone who carries on commercial activity in Norway is obliged to submit reports on various circumstances to the public sector administration. This reporting obligation is independent of whether you run a large or a small business. Even if you run a business on your own, you must submit forms to public authorities, usually relating to finance, tax and duties.

What must be reported?

What must be reported will partly depend on the form of organisation you are running, the industry in which you are operating, what you sell and what events occur. Nevertheless, there are some reporting obligations which concern most enterprises. Examples of the most common reporting obligations are:

Tax return

Every year, you must submit a report on your enterprise's finances to the Norwegian Tax Administration in the form of a tax return. The actual organisational form and scope will determine the requirements that apply regarding the enterprise's accounts and documentation.

Tax return for businesses

Annual accounts

All enterprises which are required to keep accounts, such as private limited companies, must also submit their accounts to the Register of Company Accounts.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre on accounting obligation (in Norwegian only)


Businesses that pay salaries must submit an a-melding every month. A-meldings give information on salary payments, employer's National Insurance contributions and tax deductions for employees. This applies even if you run a business on your own and are the only employee.

Tax return for VAT

Businesses that are liable for VAT must submit a tax return for VAT every other month. Some businesses can apply to submit these returns annually.

Shareholder report

Every year, private limited companies must submit a shareholder report to the Norwegian Tax Administration's shareholder register. This report provides an overview of the company's shareholders during the past year.


Various events can trigger a reporting obligation. These include, for example, an occupational accident, the sale of shares or a change in the company's board of directors.

The Register of the Reporting Obligations of Enterprises

This register contains an overview of the information that your business may be required to report to the public authorities. Contact the Brønnøysund Register Centre to find out what reporting obligations your enterprise has.
Note that municipal and county council reporting obligations are not included in this overview.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre – find your reporting obligations (in Norwegian only)

Overview of reporting obligations (in Norwegian only)


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