How do you notify a change of address and other changes?

If there are changes to the information recorded about your company in the Brønnøysund Register Centre (company name, board of directors, bank account, and more), you need to update the information by submitting the form, Coordinated Register Notification ("samordnet registermelding"), in Altinn. That way, many public authorities will receive knowledge of the information. Some changes can only be made by submitting specific forms directly to various public authorities.

Remember that you also have to notify the Norwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge AS) of change in business address.

Melding om adresseendring til Posten (in Norwegian only)

Changes to the company information is generally announced on This requirement is related to changes of public importance which creditors and others are entitled to know about. The announcement will be published automatically when the Register of Business Enterprises has processed the notification.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre's announcements page (in Norwegian only)

If the enterprise's name is changed or there is a change of partners in a general partnership, you will have to pay a fee at current rates. Notifications which involve issuing notices to creditors are also subject to charge. The invoice will be sent by post.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre - Fees (in Norwegian only)

Enhetsregisterloven - om endringsmelding til Enhetsregisteret (in Norwegian only)

Foretaksregisterloven - om endringsmelding til Foretaksregisteret (in Norwegian only)


Coordinated Register Notification (downloadable variants) (in Norwegian only)

Changing bank account number

If your enterprise has a new bank account, you need to notify the authorities. You have to notify the Tax Administration in relation to tax and VAT refunds, and NAV in relation to refunds from NAV to employers.

Changing the account number for VAT refunds can be done through Coordinated Register Notification, or by submitting a Contact form to The Norwegian Tax Administration.

You change the account number for tax refunds by submitting a Contact Form to The Norwegian Tax Administration.

Contact form - Norwegian Tax Administration - Business and organisation

Changing the account number for refunds from NAV to employers is done by submitting the form Bank Account Number for Refunds from NAV to Employers (in Norwegian only).

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