If you have acquired your professional qualifications abroad, you must obtain recognition of your qualifications from the Norwegian authorities in order to practice the profession in Norway. The competent authority will assess whether you meet the requirements to practice the profession and use the professional title in Norway. You will find information about documentation requirements, the application process and regulations here.

Please submit the application electronically via the service Application for authorisation and license as a healthcare professional. If you do not already have a Norwegian national ID-number, you will need to register a user account for the Altinn services. Please access the registration procedure here.

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Applications can only be submitted by the professional/individual.

Please submit the application electronically via the service Application for authorisation and license as a healthcare professional.

  • Diploma/certificate.
  • Transcript/Diploma Supplement.
  • Authorisation from the country of education, alternatively from another EU/EEA country.
  • If relevant, certificate of employment.



  • All documentation must be submitted as scanned colour copies of the original documents. Ensure that all pages are rotated the right way. If a document consists of several pages, the pages must be submitted in one file and in the correct order.
  • If you have changed your name since completing your education, please enclose documentation of change of name.
  • Applicants without a Norwegian personal ID number or D number must use the alternative log-on in Altinn. A scanned colour copy of the applicant's passport must accompany the application.
  • If you wish to authorise someone to act on your behalf, you must fill in an authorisation form (see the Norwegian Directorate of Health's website).
  • If you need to submit additional attachments or make changes to your application after submission, you have to send this by mail to godkjenning@helsedir.no. Please do not submit another application via Altinn.
  • In some cases, the Norwegian Directorate of Health may request further information and documentation that is not listed here.

Language requirements:


Criteria/conditions for recognition: 

The statutory requirements for being entitled to authorisation are stipulated in the Norwegian Health Personnel Section 48.

Case processing deadlines:

The competent authority must acknowledge receipt of your application within 1 month of receipt and inform you of any missing documents.

The competent authority shall take a justified decision no later than 3 months following the submission of your complete application.

Temporary provision of services:

A professional who is legally established in another EEA state or Switzerland has the same right to practice the same profession temporarily in Norway. Since the profession in question involves a potential risk to public health or safety, the competent authority will check your qualifications and decide if you are allowed to provide the service.

The competent authority shall take a decision within 1 month of receiving your application on whether you are allowed to provide the service or if compensatory measures are necessary.

If the processing time exceeds 1 month, the competent authority will notify you regarding the delay. In such cases, the competent authority will provide a decision on your application within 2 months after the reason for the delay has been resolved.


Everyone who applies for approval must pay a fee of NOK 1,665.

The fee is paid via Altinn when you register your application for authorisation or a licence.

Right of appeal:

You have the right to appeal against the recognition authority’s decision. The decision can be appealed pursuant to the provisions of the Norwegian Administration Act Chapter VI. 
The right of appeal also applies if the recognition authority has exceeded the case processing deadline (see Case processing deadlines above).

Competent authority

The Norwegian Directorate of Health
Postboks 220, Skøyen,
0213 Oslo

E-mail: godkjenning@helsedir.no
Tlf: (+47) 21 52 97 00

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