Statistical obligations

Statistics Norway (SSB) has primary responsibility for preparing official statistics in Norway. Most surveys are conducted monthly, quarterly or annually.

Why does my business have to provide information?

If your business receives a form from SSB with a disclosure obligation, the agency will either have deemed it necessary to ask every business in the industry concerned or have chosen your business for a survey. It is not possible to give a definitive answer as to which forms individuals can expect to receive in the future. In the case of sample surveys, SSB draws businesses from categories they need responses from. To ensure that the administrative burden imposed on businesses is as fair as possible, different businesses are chosen in each survey on a rolling basis.

Statistikkloven - opplysningsplikt til offisiell statistikk (in Norwegian only)

What will happen if I don't reply?

Most surveys which SSB sends out are subject to a disclosure obligation which is laid down in the Statistics Act. An enterprise can be fined if they do not respond to a survey by the relevant deadline. This does not mean that you can avoid having to provide the information by paying the fine. You will still have to complete and submit the form when you have paid the fine.

You should be aware that some of the forms you receive will not come from the public administration. It will be clearly stated on the form and associated. guidance if a form comes from a public agency, and you will be informed of the law that obliges you to respond and the consequences of not responding.

Forskrift til statistikkloven - om tvangsmulkt (in Norwegian only)

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