Holidays during Illness, parental leave and layoff period

Employees who fall ill before or during their holiday may have a right to a new holiday or to have their holiday postponed. There are specific rules for holiday while on parental leave, during military service and during a period of notice.

Illness before or during holiday

Employees who fall ill before their holiday can request that their holiday be deferred until later in the holiday year. The employee must obtain a medical certificate and submit a request for deferment by no later than the day before the holiday starts.

Employees who are ill during part or all of their holiday can request a corresponding number of days' holiday later in the holiday year. The employee must also obtain a medical certificate and submit the request as soon as possible after they have resumed work in this case.

The right to defer holiday or be granted new holiday only applies to the statutory holiday.


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Holiday and quarantine

An employee who is placed in compulsory quarantine after travelling or coming into close contact with an infected person and receives sickness benefit under the temporary Regulation on quarantine from the National Insurance Scheme Act and the Working Environment Act in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic will not be entitled to defer any existing agreed holiday which coincides with the quarantine period.

Holiday and parental leave

Employees have a right, but not an obligation, to take statutory holiday during the period of leave when they receive parental benefit. The leave will then be deferred by a period corresponding to the employee's holiday.

Holiday and military service

You cannot order an employee to take holiday during obligatory service with the Home Guard or Civil Defence or in connection with Norwegian Armed Forces refresher exercises without the consent of the employee.
If the compulsory service coincides with holiday that has already been scheduled, the employee may request that the holiday be deferred.

Holiday during periods of notice

You cannot schedule holiday during a period of notice unless the employee gives his or her consent. This does not apply if the duration of the period of notice is three months or more.

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