Representatives for non-personal tax liable may submit the form, for example accountants, managing director. Sole proprietorships cannot use this form.

The service is closed to January 8. 2020.

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About this form

The form may be submitted as needed from January 8. to September 1. 2020.

Non-personal tax liable (limited responsibility companies, insurance companies, banks etc) may use this form to apply for change of or request for advance tax.

To complete this form, you need one of the Altinn roles Accountant employee, Auditor employee or Accountant without signings rights. Signing requires the role Limited signing right, Accountant salary or accountant with signing right.
If the company requires audition, the role Auditor right or Responsible auditor is required.

You can view which roles you possess for a part on the page Profile, roles and rights. If you do not possess any of the required roles, someone who does must delegate one of them to you.

The statement consists of one form (RF-1097).

The tax office handles the application. The tax collector will invoice new advance tax if the advance tax is increased or if no advance tax is previously issued.

When the application is processed, you will receive the reply in the Altinn inbox.

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